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[Prolonged-action gentamycin sulfate eyedrops].
A new dosage form of gentamicin, 0.3 per cent eye drops with polyglucin was developed. Its pharmacokinetics and chemotherapeutic properties were studied. It was shown that in the form of eye dropsExpand
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[Chemotherapeutic effectiveness of pefloxacin in experimental infections].
High efficacy of pefloxacin was shown in its study on albino mice with experimental infections such as sepsis, pneumonia and peritonitis. In the effective doses administered orally the drug rapidlyExpand
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[Methods of evaluating the efficacy of combinations of aminoglycosides with penicillins and their value for the possibility of predicting the therapeutic effect in patients].
The efficacy of the combinations of aminoglycosides and penicillin with respect to Pseudomonas, Klebsiella and Escherichia strains was estimated with the methods of two-fold serial dilutions ofExpand
[Dicloxacillin: its chemotherapeutic action and experimental kinetic characteristics].
Activity against 50 clinical staphylococcal strains, chemotherapeutic efficiency, absorption and distribution of dicloxacillin in animals were studied in comparison with oxacillin. It was found thatExpand
[Present-day aminoglycosides in the treatment of suppurative-septic diseases].
The therapeutic efficacy, tolerance and pharmacokinetics of sisomicin, gentamicin and a new dosage form of kanamycin sulfate as an ampoule solution for intravenous injection were studied clinically.Expand
[Methodological aspects of an experimental multifactorial study of the combined use of antibiotics and immunomodulators].
Methodological approaches to investigation of the protective effect of natural immunomodulators are described. The use of multifactorial experiment design, a model of infectious processes andExpand
[Therapeutic form of doxycycline hydrochloride for intravenous administration in the treatment of suppurative-septic diseases].
Efficacy of doxycycline hydrochloride administered intravenously was studied in treatment of severe purulent inflammatory diseases such as pneumonia, lung abscesses, pyothorax, skin and soft tissueExpand
[Combined use of mytilan and gentamycin in experimental infections ].
It was shown that mytilan, a polysaccharide isolated from the mantle of Crenomytilus grayanus stimulated the host nonspecific resistance to infections. This was evident from the survival rate of theExpand
[Experimental study of the antibacterial activity and chemotherapeutic effectiveness of amikacin sulfate].
In vitro antibacterial activity of amikacin against 250 strains of various microorganisms was studied. It was shown that the antibiotic had a broad antibacterial spectrum and was active againstExpand