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The role of voice quality in communicating emotion, mood and attitude
Listeners' reactions to an utterance synthesised with seven different voice qualities were elicited in terms of pairs of opposing affective attributes, suggesting that these qualities are considerably more effective in signalling milder affective states than the strong emotions. Expand
Contextual Variation of the Vowel Voice Source as a Function of Adjacent Consonants
The contextual effects of voiced/voiceless stops on the voice source of an adjacent vowel were examined for the first vowel in ‘CVCV utterances in German, English, Swedish, French, and Italian to yield insights into the control parameters which may be involved in regulating voicing oppositions in these languages. Expand
Tonal alignment in three varieties of hiberno-English
Investigation of tonal alignment of pre-nuclear (PN) and nuclear (N) accents in three Hiberno-English regional varieties in Dublin, Drogheda, and Donegal shows that the peak is located earlier in nuclear and later in pre- nuclear conditions across the three dialects. Expand
Acoustic characteristics of voice quality
Current research being carried out by the authors on the voice source correlates of a range of voice quality differences suggest a number of important differences between the qualities as well as considerable dynamic variation within a single quality. Expand
Amplitude-Based Source Parameters for Measur ing Voice Quality
This paper explores amplitude-based measures of the glottal flow signal, as it has been suggested that they may provide a more robust method for analysing voice quality than the more typicalExpand
Voice quality and f0 in prosody: towards a holistic account
This paper presents a discussion of the role of voice quality in prosody. Illustrations from past production and perception data by the authors indicate that source parameters other than f0 are anExpand
Voice quality and loudness in affect perception
Different voice qualities tend to vary in terms of their intrinsic loudness. Perceptual experiments have shown that voice quality variation can be strongly associated with the affective colouring ofExpand
Focus in Donegal Irish ( Gaelic ) and Donegal English bilinguals
This paper examines the effects of focus on the global and local f0 variations in the contours of Donegal Irish and Donegal English, produced by bilingual speakers. The analysis was conducted on aExpand