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On efficiency of plasma gasification of wood residues.
Abstract High temperature plasma gasification of wood is evaluated for the production of a fuel gas (syngas) for combined heat and power production. The advantages of plasma by comparison withExpand
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The technology and execution of plasmachemical disinfection of hazardous medical waste
This report describes the technology used for plasma-chemical disinfection of hazardous medical waste (HMW), which employs high-temperature mineralization. This method uses low-temperature plasmaExpand
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A facility for plasma gasification of waste of various types
Given in the paper is a brief description of the main stages in the development of a facility for plasma gasification of waste. Preliminary experimental data are given, as well as some predictedExpand
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Plasma gasification of waste as a method of energy saving
Several versions of the organizations of the process of plasma-chemical gasification with the use of air, carbon dioxide, steam and their mixtures as the plasma-forming gas are considered in theExpand
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Production of hydrogen-containing gas using the process of steam-plasma gasification of used tires
The paper is devoted to treatment of used tires. The method of used tire gasification using steam plasma has been suggested. Studies of the composition of syngas depending on the process temperatureExpand
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Distinctive Features of Biomass Gasification using AC Plasma Generators Working on Air
Summary form only given. Calculated-theoretical and experimental data on plasmochemical gasification of charcoal and wood waste are presented in the paper. The operating experimental installationExpand
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