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Holographic diffraction gratings recording in organically modified silica gels.
The silica gel-methyl methacrylate organically modified ceramic is proposed for recording of volume holograms and Virtually no changes in diffraction efficiency were observed after thermal-heating, light-curing, and long-term-aging experiments. Expand
Ellipsometric analysis of gamma radiation effects on standard optical coatings used in aerospace applications
Abstract Standard optical coatings have been gamma irradiated in order to determinate their suitability for aerospace applications. Space environment was partially simulated through the employment ofExpand
Substrate mode hologram for optical interconnects
A novel method of substrate mode hologram (SMH) design and fabrication is presented. The coupling between a homogeneous plane wave and an arbitrary free propagating wave is achieved via a totalExpand
Bragg gratings in ORMOCERs
Two novel holographic recording media based on silica gel methyl methacrylate (MMA) and hydroxy ethyl methacrylate (HEMA) organically modified ceramics (ORMOCERS) are presented and its holographicExpand
Modeling of Absorption Induced by Space Radiation on Glass: A Two-Variable Function Depending on Radiation Dose and Post-Irradiation Time
NBK7 and FK51 glass from SCHOTT commonly employed on space optical instrumentation design have been gamma irradiated in order to relate the color centers generated by effect of the radiation to theExpand
Solar orbiter/PHI full disk telescope entrance window mechanical mount
PHI is a diffraction limited, wavelength tunable, quasi-monochromatic, and polarization sensitive imager. These capabilities are needed to infer the magnetic field and line-of-sight (LOS) velocity ofExpand
Optical performance of the SO/PHI full disk telescope due to temperature gradients effect on the heat rejection entrance window
The Polarimetric Helioseismic Imager for Solar Orbiter (SO/PHI) is an instrument on board in the Solar Orbiter mission. The Full Disk Telescope (FDT) will have the capability of providing images ofExpand
Analysis of optical properties behaviour of CLEARCERAM, fused silica and CaF2 glasses exposed to simulated space conditions
Optical instrumentation on-board satellites suffer degradation due to the hostile conditions of space environment. Space conditions produce instrumentation performances changes causing a decrease orExpand
Evaluation of the refocusing system of the polarimetric helioseismic imager/full disk telescope of the solar orbiter mission
The Full Disk Telescope is part of the Polarimetric Helioseismic Instrument on board the future Solar Orbiter ESA/NASA mission. The Full Disk Telescope will provide for full-disk measurements of theExpand
Analysis and evaluation of the Full Disk Telescope refocusing mechanism for the Solar Orbiter mission
Abstract. The Full Disk Telescope is part of the Polarimetric Helioseismic Instrument on board the future Solar Orbiter ESA/NASA mission. It will provide full-disk measurements of the photosphericExpand