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Methacholine bronchial challenge using a dosimeter with controlled tidal breathing.
A new inhalation synchronised dosimeter triggered by low inspiratory flow rates has been assessed. The methacholine challenge test using dosimeter nebulisation with controlled tidal breathing wasExpand
An epidemic of extrinsic allergic alveolitis caused by tap water
In an industrial community, Linnavuori, (population 1000) over 100 people developed fever, cough, and dyspnoea 3 to 6 hours after sauna or bathing. This epidemic began in August of 1978 and endedExpand
Bronchodilator effects of a fenoterol metered dose inhaler and fenoterol powder in asthmatics with poor inhaler technique.
Thirty-seven per cent of 204 consecutive asthmatic patients using metered dose inhalers (MDI) regularly had faulty inhaler technique. Twenty patients with poor technique volunteered for bronchomotorExpand
Aerosol deposition in automatic dosimeter nebulization.
A new dosimeter nebulization method was studied in 10 asthmatics and 8 normal volunteers by delivering fixed doses of 99mTc-traced radioaerosol in 0.2 s periods of tidal breathing. Two separateExpand
Natural and synthetic fibers as causes of asthma and rhinitis.
One hundred and thirty-six textile workers were tested with natural fibers; 97 were tested with synthetic fibers. By inhalation testing 20% were positive to both types of fibers; by nasal provocativeExpand
[Natural and synthetic fibers as a cause of asthma and allergic rhinitis].
Exercise Asthma and Disodium Cromoglycate
Exercise-induced asthma (defined as a fall in PEF of at least 25% of the pre-exercise value) was studied in adult patients with uncomplicated asthma. This was found to occur in 22 out of 52 patients.Expand
Disodium cromoglycate in exercise-induced asthma.