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Actin filament severing by cofilin.
Cofilin is essential for cell viability and for actin-based motility. Cofilin severs actin filaments, which enhances the dynamics of filament assembly. We investigated the mechanism of filamentExpand
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Characterization of stable beryllium fluoride, aluminum fluoride, and vanadate containing myosin subfragment 1-nucleotide complexes.
Beryllium and aluminum fluorides are good phosphate analogues. These compounds, like orthovanadate, form stable complexes with myosin subfragment 1 (S1) in the presence of MgADP. The formation of theExpand
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Cooperative effects of cofilin (ADF) on actin structure suggest allosteric mechanism of cofilin function.
Using site-specific fluorescence probes and cross-linking we demonstrated that cofilin (ADF), a key regulator of actin cellular dynamics, weakens longitudinal contacts in F-actin in a cooperativeExpand
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Actin cross-linking and inhibition of the actomyosin motor.
Intrastrand cross-linking of actin filaments by ANP, N-(4-azido-2-nitrophenyl) putrescine, between Gln-41 in subdomain 2 and Cys-374 at the C-terminus, was shown to inhibit force generation withExpand
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Histone H4‐related osteogenic growth peptide (OGP): a novel circulating stimulator of osteoblastic activity.
It has been established that regenerating marrow induces an osteogenic response in distant skeletal sites and that this activity is mediated by factors released into the circulation by the healingExpand
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Cofilin induced conformational changes in F-actin expose subdomain 2 to proteolysis.
Cofilin/ADF affects strongly the structure of actin filaments and especially the intermolecular contacts of the DNase I binding loop (D-loop) in subdomain 2. In G-actin, the D-loop is cleaved byExpand
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Bax Inhibitor 1 Increases Cell Adhesion through Actin Polymerization: Involvement of Calcium and Actin Binding
ABSTRACT Bax inhibitor 1 (BI-1), a transmembrane protein with Ca2+ channel-like activity, has antiapoptotic and anticancer activities. Cells overexpressing BI-1 demonstrated increased cell adhesion.Expand
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Alterations in cardiac myosin isoenzymes distribution as an adaptation to chronic environmental heat stress in the rat.
The distribution of cardiac myosin isoenzymes, using gel pyrophosphate electrophoresis, was studied in laboratory rats during acclimation to heat (34 degrees C, 0-2 month) with and without dailyExpand
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Dynamic properties of actin. Structural changes induced by beryllium fluoride.
Beryllium fluoride (BeFx) has been widely used as a phosphate analogue in nucleotide-binding proteins. It was found to bind tightly to F- but not G-actin (Combeau C., and Carlier M. F. (1988) J.Expand
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Structural effects of cofilin on longitudinal contacts in F-actin.
Structural effects of yeast cofilin on skeletal muscle and yeast actin were examined in solution. Cofilin binding to native actin was non-cooperative and saturated at a 1:1 molar ratio, withExpand
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