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Modeling and Predicting Students' Academic Performance Using Data Mining Techniques
The main objective of this study is to apply data mining techniques to predict and analyze students' academic performance based on their academic record and forum participation. Educational DataExpand
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Image representation is one of the major aspects of automatic classification algorithms. In this paper, different feature extraction techniques have been utilized to represent medical Xray images.Expand
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Automatic classification of medical X-ray images using a bag of visual words
A novel approach is presented to gain high classification rate for each class of ImageCLEF 2007 medical database. The learning phase consists of four iterations where different classification modelsExpand
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An Automated Blood Vessel Segmentation Algorithm Using Histogram Equalization and Automatic Threshold Selection
This paper focuses on the detection of retinal blood vessels which play a vital role in reducing the proliferative diabetic retinopathy and for preventing the loss of visual capability. The proposedExpand
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Ontology-Based Clinical Decision Support System for Predicting High-Risk Pregnant Woman
According to Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), Pakistan is facing a shortage of approximately 182,000 medical doctors. Due to the shortage of doctors; a large number of lives are in dangerExpand
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Combined Feature Extraction on Medical X-ray Images
Medical images form an essential source of information for various important processes such as diagnosis of diseases, surgical planning, medical reference, research and training. Therefore, effectiveExpand
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Using Socrative and Smartphones for the support of collaborative learning
The integration of new technologies in the classrooms opens new possibilities for the teaching and learning process. Technologies such as student response system (e.g. Clicker) are getting popularityExpand
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Automatic Medical X-ray Image Classification using Annotation
The demand for automatically classification of medical X-ray images is rising faster than ever. In this paper, an approach is presented to gain high accuracy rate for those classes of medicalExpand
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Automatic classification of medical X-ray images: hybrid generative-discriminative approach
A new approach is presented to improve the classification performance of medical X-ray images based on the combination of generative and discriminative classification approach. A set of labelledExpand
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Game-based learning with native language hint and their effects on student academic performance in a Saudi Arabia community college
The main goal of this study is to address the association between computer games and students’ academic performance. Computer games provide promising opportunities to motivate and involve students inExpand
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