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Non-uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement on LWIR and MWIR images
To fully exploit the potential of current generation infrared focal plane arrays, it is crucial to correct for the fixed pattern noise. This paper presents two-point non-uniformity corrections (NUC)Expand
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Flame temperature trends in reacting vanadium and tungsten ethoxide fluid sprays during CO2-laser pyrolysis
We observe the “invisible-to-the-naked-eye” flames of tungsten and vanadium ethoxide aerosols when ignited at moderate laser excitation (0<Plaser<70 W) by employing an IR thermo-graphic camera. NoExpand
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Optronic Measurement, Testing and the Need for Valid Results: Example of Infrared Measurements for Defence Countermeasures
Abstract: In the development of defence products and applications, measurements serve a key role when characterising and verifying the behaviour and performance of components and systems. InExpand
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Determination of the emissivity of the tungsten hexa-ethoxide pyrolysis flame using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy
To determination the temperature using infrared cameras, the following issues need to be addressed, the emissivity of the object and atmospheric path effects. The later is negligible in the setupExpand
The pyradi radiometry toolkit
Modeling and designing in electro-optical systems entails the calculation of several (often interrelated) parameters. Many of these calculations are repetitive, suitable for including in a genericExpand
Vicarious calibration campaign in Argentina for radiometric calibration of a multispectral imager onboard Sumbandila Satellite
Continuous assessment of the radiometric response of Earth Observation satellite imagers is necessary for the quality assurance of derived data products. Expand
Infrared measurements in defence application
Ensuring validity of radiometric temperature measurements obtained in the field using infrared imagers
Test & Measurement 2010 Conference and Workshop - Measurements in Sport, Health & Safety - Is there a connection? Champagne Sports Resort, Central Drakensberg, South Africa, 7 - 10 November 2010