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Closing the global N2O budget: nitrous oxide emissions through the agricultural nitrogen cycle
In 1995 a working group was assembled at the request of OECD/IPCC/IEA to revise the methodology for N2O from agriculture for the National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Methodology. The basics of theExpand
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Net global warming potential and greenhouse gas intensity in irrigated cropping systems in northeastern Colorado.
The impact of management on global warming potential (GWP), crop production, and greenhouse gas intensity (GHGI) in irrigated agriculture is not well documented. A no-till (NT) cropping systems studyExpand
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CO2, CH4 and N2O flux through a Wyoming snowpack and implications for global budgets
INCREASING atmospheric concentrations of the three main greenhouse gases—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide— account for about 70% of anticipated global warming1, but theExpand
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Generalized model for N2 and N2O production from nitrification and denitrification
We describe a model of N2 and N2O gas fluxes from nitrification and denitrification. The model was developed using laboratory denitrification gas flux data and field-observed N2O gas fluxes fromExpand
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Generalized model for NOx and N2O emissions from soils
We describe a submodel to simulate NOx and N2O emissions from soils and present comparisons of simulated NOx and N2O fluxes from the DAYCENT ecosystem model with observations from different soils.Expand
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General model for N2O and N2 gas emissions from soils due to dentrification
Observations of N gas loss from incubations of intact and disturbed soil cores were used to model N2O and N2 emissions from soil as a result of denitrification. The model assumes that denitrificationExpand
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Land-use change is an important driver of soil-atmosphere gas exchange, but current greenhouse-gas budgets lack data from urban lands. Field comparisons of urban and non-urban ecosystems are requiredExpand
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Nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural fields: Assessment, measurement and mitigation
In this paper we discuss three topics concerning N2O emissions from agricultural systems. First, we present an appraisal of N2O emissions from agricultural soils (Assessment). Secondly, we discussExpand
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