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Gatekeepers of Knowledge within Industrial Districts: Who They Are, How They Interact
Morrison A. Gatekeepers of knowledge within industrial districts: who they are, how they interact, Regional Studies. Studies on industrial districts suggest that their innovative performance is
Global Value Chains and Technological Capabilities: A Framework to Study Learning and Innovation in Developing Countries
This paper presents a critical review of the global value chain (GVC) literature in light of the “technological capabilities” approach to innovation in less-developed countries (LDCs). Participation
Knowledge and Information Networks in an Italian Wine Cluster
The aim of this article is to analyse the nature and extent of knowledge and information networks in an Italian wine cluster. Moreover, the relation between firms’ characteristics and the knowledge
Modes of innovation in knowledge-intensive business services evidence from Lombardy
The present paper investigates the sectoral variety and common patterns across different typologies of knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS). We examine this issue by considering the case of
Climbing the Ladder of Technological Development
Despite being the main thriving force behind economic growth and industrial development, technological innovation remains highly concentrated on a handful of countries. It is therefore of a great
When Do Global Pipelines Enhance the Diffusion of Knowledge in Clusters?
abstract Recent studies have stressed the role played by global pipelines in fostering the growth of clusters and innovativeness. In this article, we develop a formal model to investigate when global
Catching-up trajectories in the wine sector: a comparative study of Chile, Italy and South Africa.
From a development perspective an investigation of the changes that have occurred in the wine industry is of particular interest because it provides evidence on how emerging economies have been able
Globalization of Production and Innovation: How Outsourcing is Reshaping an Advanced Manufacturing Area
Cusmano L., Mancusi M. L. and Morrison A. Globalization of production and innovation: how outsourcing is reshaping an advanced manufacturing area, Regional Studies. This paper investigates the
Who are the researchers that are collaborating with industry? An analysis of the wine sectors in Chile, South Africa and Italy
Research on University-industry (U-I) linkages and their determinants has increased significantly in the past few years. However, there is still controversy on the key factors explaining the
The Principle of Relatedness
The idea that skills, technology, and knowledge, are spatially concentrated, has a long academic tradition. Yet, only recently this hypothesis has been empirically formalized and corroborated at