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Demonstration of a solid-state optical cooler: An approach to cryogenic refrigeration
We report the successful operation of an optical cooler system. This device achieved 48 °C of cooling from room temperature and a heat lift of 25 mW when it was pumped with 1.6 W of laser light. ItsExpand
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Performance modeling of optical refrigerators
Abstract Optical refrigeration using anti-Stokes fluorescence in solids has several advantages over more conventional techniques including low mass, low volume, low cost and no vibration. It also hasExpand
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Infrared spectrum of the Orion Nebula between 55 and 200 microns.
The infrared spectrum of the Trapezium region of the Orion Nebulala has been measured between the wavelengths of 55 mu and 200 mu Observations were made at 44,000 feet (13,500 m) using a 12-inchExpand
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The Pipelined Resampling Processor: Performance Of A Development Unit Which Is Applicable To A Wide Range Of Real-Time Imaging Applications
The Pipelined Resampling Processor (PRP) was presented to this conference in 1983 in concept as a practical solution to real-time high resolution geometric image rectification needs. Expand
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Calculation of He II flow in tubes
The flow of superfluid helium through a tube with different temperatures at the ends differs considerably from that of a Newtonian fluid. The strong dependence of the thermodynamic properties onExpand
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Modelling of superfluid helium transfer
Abstract A one dimensional model for the flow of He II is applied to a transfer line with flow driven by a thermomechanical pump. The thermodynamic parameters are updated at each step of theExpand
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Electronic Image Alignment: Implementation And Applications To Imaging System Design
A new technique has been developed for geometrically rectifying images to subpixel accuracy in real time through high fidelity resampling. Expand
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High-fidelity Image Resampling For Remote Sensing
Improved convolution kernels for image resampling with longer kernels . Expand
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A Practical Architecture For A Real-Time Image Resampling Processor
A hardware architecture for real-time image resampling has been developed which will support a wide range of remote sensing tasks arising in remote sensing applications. Expand
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Design and Predicted Performance of an Optical Cryocooler for a Focal Plane Application
Optical refrigeration by fluorescence is a new concept in refrigeration that represents a revolutionary advance in small cryocoolers. It uses anti-Stokes fluorescence to remove heat from a glass orExpand
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