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An Iteration-Free MoM Approach Based on Excitation Independent Characteristic Basis Functions for Solving Large Multiscale Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
We describe a numerically efficient strategy for solving a linear system of equations arising in the Method of Moments for solving electromagnetic scattering problems. This novel approach, termed asExpand
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Analysis and Design of Ultra Thin Electromagnetic Absorbers Comprising Resistively Loaded High Impedance Surfaces
High-impedance surfaces (HIS) comprising lossy frequency selective surfaces (FSS) are employed to design thin electromagnetic absorbers. The structure, despite its typical resonant behavior, is ableExpand
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A Frequency Selective Radome With Wideband Absorbing Properties
A frequency selective radome is presented, acting as a pass band filter at a given frequency band, while behaving as an absorber above the transmission band. The pass band behavior is obtained by aExpand
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The design synthesis of multiband artificial magnetic conductors using high impedance frequency selective surfaces
This paper introduces several different design methodologies for multiband artificial magnetic conducting (AMC) surfaces. The paper begins by investigating the multiband properties exhibited by aExpand
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A Circuit-Based Model for the Interpretation of Perfect Metamaterial Absorbers
A popular absorbing structure, often referred to as Perfect Metamaterial Absorber, comprising metallic periodic pattern over a thin low-loss grounded substrate is studied by resorting to an efficientExpand
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A space-time discretization criterion for a stable time-marching solution of the electric field integral equation
Numerical techniques based on a time-domain recursive solution of the electric field integral equation (EFIE) may exhibit instability phenomena induced by the joint space-time discretization. TheExpand
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A Thin Electromagnetic Absorber for Wide Incidence Angles and Both Polarizations
A design for planar electromagnetic absorbers is presented. The performance of this absorber is maintained over a wide incidence angles and for both TE and TM polarization. The absorber is composedExpand
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TE Surface Wave Resonances on High-Impedance Surface Based Antennas: Analysis and Modeling
Low-profile antennas comprising a horizontal dipole above a high-impedance surface are analyzed. The emphasis of this paper is on the additional resonances of the radiating structure caused byExpand
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Efficient Analysis of Frequency-Selective Surfaces by a Simple Equivalent-Circuit Model
The transmission and reflection properties of frequency-selective surfaces (FSSs) are evaluated through a simple and accurate first-order circuit approach. The approximate analysis, based on theExpand
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Low-Profile Array With Reduced Radar Cross Section by Using Hybrid Frequency Selective Surfaces
A solution for reducing the radar cross section (RCS) of a microstrip antenna based on the use of frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) is described. The goal is accomplished by replacing the solidExpand
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