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Color and psychological functioning: the effect of red on performance attainment.
This research focuses on the relation between color and psychological functioning, specifically, that between red and performance attainment. Red is hypothesized to impair performance on achievementExpand
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The social-cognitive model of achievement motivation and the 2 x 2 achievement goal framework.
Two studies examined hypotheses drawn from a proposed modification of the social-cognitive model of achievement motivation that centered on the 2 x 2 achievement goal framework. Implicit theories ofExpand
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Choice and Ego-Depletion: The Moderating Role of Autonomy
The self-regulatory strength model maintains that all acts of self-regulation, self-control, and choice result in a state of fatigue called ego-depletion. Self-determination theory differentiatesExpand
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On the Benefits of Giving as Well as Receiving Autonomy Support: Mutuality in Close Friendships
Two studies examined autonomy support within close friendships. The first showed that receiving autonomy support from a friend predicted the recipient’s need satisfaction within the relationship andExpand
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Multiple health behaviours: overview and implications.
BACKGROUND More remains unknown than known about how to optimize multiple health behaviour change. METHODS After reviewing the prevalence and comorbidities among major chronic disease riskExpand
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Performance-approach goals: good or bad forms of regulation?
Abstract At present, there is disagreement among achievement goal theorists regarding the beneficial or inimical nature of performance-approach goals. This article evaluates performance-approachExpand
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Healthy Lifestyle Through Young Adulthood and the Presence of Low Cardiovascular Disease Risk Profile in Middle Age: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in (Young) Adults (CARDIA) Study
Background— A low cardiovascular disease risk profile (untreated cholesterol <200 mg/dL, untreated blood pressure <120/<80 mm Hg, never smoking, and no history of diabetes mellitus or myocardialExpand
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Self-Determination Theory and Public Policy: Improving the Quality of Consumer Decisions without using Coercion
Self-determination theory identifies a basic psychological need for autonomy as a central feature for understanding effective self-regulation and well-being. The authors explain why policy thatExpand
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