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Collaborative networked organizations - Concepts and practice in manufacturing enterprises
The collaborative networked organizations (CNO) area focuses on this type of organizational models that use ICT for supporting the development of collaborative business opportunities. Expand
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Collaborative networked organisations and customer communities: value co-creation and co-innovation in the networking era
Strategic networks such as collaborative networked organisations (CNOs) and virtual customer communities (VCCs) show a high potential as drivers of value co-creation and co-innovation. Both look atExpand
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Artificial Organic Networks - Artificial Intelligence Based on Carbon Networks
This monograph describes the synthesis and use of biologically-inspired artificial hydrocarbon networks (AHNs) for approximation models associated with machine learning and a novel computational algorithm with which to exploit them. Expand
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Enterprise integration and interoperability in manufacturing systems: Trends and issues
This paper summarizes the need for Enterprise Integration and Interoperability in Manufacturing Systems and puts forward trends and issues important and relevant for future research work. Expand
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A tenant-based resource allocation model for scaling Software-as-a-Service applications over cloud computing infrastructures
This work attempts to establish formal measurements for under and over provisioning of virtualized resources in cloud infrastructures and proposes a resource allocation model to deploy SaaS applications over cloud computing platforms by taking into account their multi-tenancy. Expand
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Mechanisms for assessing and enhancing organisations’ readiness for collaboration in collaborative networks
Collaborative networks are an increasing trend in highly competitive globalised economies, where collaboration is essential to succeed. Some specific challenges in collaborative networks, either forExpand
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Challenges and current developments for Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Enterprise Systems
The concept of the Sensing, Smart and Sustainable (S^3) Enterprise System is introduced to highlight medium and long-term trends for next generation enterprise information systems (EIS) in the domain of enterprise modelling, integration and networking. Expand
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Sensing, smart and sustainable product development (S3 product) reference framework
We provide a reference framework that presents a systematic process for the development of S3 products. Expand
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The development of an artificial organic networks toolkit for LabVIEW
This article introduces the artificial organic networks toolkit for LabVIEW™ (AON‐TL) from the implementation point of view, with particular emphasis in the software implementation of the so‐called artificial hydrocarbon networks algorithm. Expand
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A knowledge-based development model: the research chair strategy
We introduce a model for the knowledge‐based development (KBD) of a region using a research chair strategy at Tecnologico de Monterrey, to describe its impact and propose its use in organizations that generate scientific and technological knowledge, especially research groups, in a university environment. Expand
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