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The Body Multiple: Ontology in Medical Practice
The Body Multiple draws on medical anthropology, sociology, feminist theory, philosophy, and science and technology studies to reframe such issues as the disease-illness distinction, subject-object relations, boundaries, difference, situatedness, and ontology. Expand
Ontological Politics. A Word and Some Questions
This is a chapter that asks questions about where we are with politics now that actor network theory and its semiotic relatives have reshaped ontology. They have reshaped it by underlining that theExpand
Situating Technoscience: An Inquiry into Spatialities
This paper explores the spatial characteristics of science and technology. Originally seen as universal, and therefore outside space and place, studies in science, technology, and society (STS)Expand
Care in practice: on tinkering in clinics, homes and farms
This book does not continue to oppose care and technology, but contributes to rethinking both in such a way that they can be analysed together. Expand
Actor-Network Theory: sensitive terms and enduring tensions
In this presentation of "Actor Network Theory" the terms "actor", "network", "theory", as well as the terms "'order" and "coordination", will be explored. Expand
Embodied Action, Enacted Bodies: the Example of Hypoglycaemia
We all know that we have and are our bodies. But might it be possible to leave this common place? In the present article we try to do this by attending to the way we do our bodies. The site where weExpand
Complexities: Social Studies of Knowledge Practices
Complexities: An Introduction / Annemarie Mol and John Law Romantic and Baroque Conceptions of Complex Wholes in the Sciences / Chunglin Kwa Which Road to Follow? The Moral Complexity of anExpand
The Actor-Enacted: Cumbrian Sheep in 2001
This chapter analyses the question of agency considering the animal agency of Cumbrian sheep in the uprising of foot-and-mouth disease in the UK in 2001. The article explores the conditions requiredExpand