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Self-Balancing Signal Conditioning Circuit for a Floating-Wiper Resistive Displacement Sensor
The limited operating life of conventional resistive displacement sensor is due to wear and tear because the wiper has to rub against the resistive element during operation. This problem can beExpand
Design and Development of a Heart Rate Variability Analyzer
In this paper, a digital signal controller based handy device is developed which acquires the beat to beat time interval, processes it using techniques based on non-linear dynamics, fractal time series analysis, and information theory. Expand
Smart Bin
One of the main concerns with our environment has been solid waste management which has adverse effect on health of the society. Effective waste management is one of the major problems of the presentExpand
2.5D chip TSV open failure analysis by high resolution time-domain reflectometry
A 2.5D chip with known open failure at interposer TSV was analyzed by ADVANTEST TS9000 TDR system. Expand
An Eye into the Allegations about Ashwagandha
In the recently published paper - "Liver Injury due to Ashwagandha. A Case Series from Iceland and the U.S. Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network" which illustrated the hepatotoxic potential ofExpand
Successive approximation type digital converter for floating-wiper inductive displacement sensor
A successive approximation type direct displacement to digital converter suitable for a floating-wiper inductive displacement sensor is proposed here. Expand
Dynamic digital modulation thermal measurement for package fault isolation
This paper describes the use of Dynamic Digital Modulation (DDM) technique for the non-destructive estimation of defect depth in flip chip and stack die packages. The thermal responses of variousExpand
A new drug delivery strategy targeting mass population in combating epidemic crisis
Ultrasound as an alternative model for mass prophylaxis to check outbreaks in epidemics is being proposed in this paper. The outbreak of communicable diseases and mass gathering are certainly relatedExpand
A Review on the Concept of Polar Codes
Polar codes developed by Erdal Arikan are error correction codes which achieve the channel capacity with the added advantage of reduced complexity. Expand