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Electron optics of multi-beam scanning electron microscope
Abstract We have developed a multi-beam scanning electron microscope (MBSEM), which delivers a square array of 196 focused beams onto a sample with a resolution and current per beam comparable to aExpand
Multibeam scanning electron microscope: Experimental results
The authors present the first results obtained with their multibeam scanning electron microscope. For the first time, they were able to image 196 (array of 14×14) focused beams of a multielectronExpand
Parallel electron-beam-induced deposition using a multi-beam scanning electron microscope
Lithography techniques based on electron-beam-induced processes are inherently slow compared to light lithography techniques. The authors demonstrate here that the throughput can be enhanced by aExpand
Sub-Ångstrom EDX Mapping Enabled by a High-brightness Cold Field Emission Source
Recent years have seen a surge in the push for precise chemical and structural analysis in the (S)TEM at high spatial resolution. Ranging from atomic-resolution elemental mapping [1] toExpand
14×14 beams in a scanning electron microscope
The progress in microelectronics, micro-fabrication and material science demands an ever-increasing spatial resolution and throughput in charged particle beam lithography and inspection butExpand
Hundreds of electron beams from a single source
Most electron sources are used to create a single beam. For high resolution instruments such as electron microscopes and electron lithography machines, most of the current that is emitted by theExpand