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Larch: Languages and Tools for Formal Specification
This monograph discusses the use of formal specifications in program development and introduces the notation of mathematical logic in formal specification languages and supporting tools.
LCL: A Larch Interface Language for C
LCL is a Larch interface language for Standard C that will tend to encourage some styles of development, but it does not change the programming language.
LSL: The Larch Shared Language
This chapter provides a tutorial introduction the the Larch Shared Language (LSL). It begins by systematically working through the features of the language, illustrating each with a short example. It
Using LP to Debug LSL Specifications
In earlier chapters, we have attempted to show how Larch can be used to write precise specifications. However, it is not sufficient for specifications to be precise; they should also accurately
A Little Bit of Logic
An inductive argument is strong if and only if the truth of its premises makes its conclusion more likely true than false, and the more probable it makes thetruth of its conclusion, the stronger the inductiveargument is.
An Introduction to Larch
This chapter begins by describing the Larch approach to specification and illustrating it with a few small examples, to give a taste of Larch, and discusses LP, the L Arch proof assistant, a tool that supports all the L arch languages.
Specifications in Program Development
This book is about formal specification of programs and components of programs to help in the production and maintenance of high quality software.