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Mass–radius curve for extrasolar Earth-like planets and ocean planets
Abstract By comparison with the Earth-like planets and the large icy satellites of the Solar System, one can model the internal structure of extrasolar planets. The input parameters are the
Tidal dissipation within large icy satellites: Applications to Europa and Titan
This paper describes a new approach based on variational principles to calculate the radial distribution of tidal energy dissipation in any satellite. The advantage of the model with respect to
Computation of seismic profiles from mineral physics: the importance of the non-olivine components for explaining the 660 km depth discontinuity
The recent increasing number of experimental works leads us to review the elastic properties and mineralogical transformations of mantle minerals. The updated data set is used to compute seismic
Titan's internal structure inferred from a coupled thermal-orbital model
Through coupled thermal and orbital calculations including a full description of tidal dissipation, heat transfer and the H 2O–NH3 phase diagram, we propose a model for the internal structure and
Geodesy constraints on the interior structure and composition of Mars
Abstract Knowledge of the interior structure of Mars is of fundamental importance to the understanding of its past and present state as well as its future evolution. The most prominent interior
SI-Hex: a new catalogue of instrumental seismicity for metropolitan France
The aim of the SI-Hex project (acronym for « Sismicite Instrumentale de l’Hexagone ») is to provide a catalogue of seismicity for metropolitan France and the French marine economic zone for the
Power and duration of impact flashes on the Moon: Implication for the cause of radiation
Meteoroid falls on the Moon produce transient luminous events usually named impact flashes. These emissions have been reported by several independent observers using ground-based telescopes over the
High-resolution imaging of the Pyrenees and Massif Central from the data of the PYROPE and IBERARRAY portable array deployments
The lithospheric structures beneath the Pyrenees, which holds the key to settle long-standing controversies regarding the opening of the Bay of Biscay and the formation of the Pyrenees, are still
Complementarity of seismological and electromagnetic sounding methods for constraining the structure of the Martian mantle
Abstract The complementarity of seismological and electromagnetic sounding methods for the thermodynamical characterization of the Martian mantle is discussed by illustrating the observational
Oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary from surface wave dispersion data
Abstract According to different types of observations, the nature of lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) is controversial. Using a massive data set of surface wave dispersions in a broad period