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Efficient promoter cassettes for enhanced expression of foreign genes in dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous plants.
A series of chimeric promoters for higher-level expression of foreign genes in plants was constructed as fusions of a gene for beta-glucuronidase (GUS) with the terminator of a gene for nopalineExpand
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Green lacewing phylogeny, based on three nuclear genes (Chrysopidae, Neuroptera)
Abstract Systematic relationships among higher taxa within Chrysopidae, a large and agriculturally significant neuropteran family, are poorly understood. A molecular phylogenetic survey ofExpand
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Live Imaging of Whole Mouse Embryos during Gastrulation: Migration Analyses of Epiblast and Mesodermal Cells
During gastrulation in the mouse embryo, dynamic cell movements including epiblast invagination and mesodermal layer expansion lead to the establishment of the three-layered body plan. The preciseExpand
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Structure of regulatory networks and diversity of gene expression patterns.
  • A. Mochizuki
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of theoretical biology
  • 21 January 2008
Complexity of gene regulatory network has been considered to be responsible for diversity of cells. Different types of cells, characterized by the expression patterns of genes, are produced in earlyExpand
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Complete mitochondrial genomes of two green lacewings, Chrysoperla nipponensis (Okamoto, 1914) and Apochrysa matsumurae Okamoto, 1912 (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)
We describe the complete mitochondrial genomes of the green lacewing species Chrysoperla nipponensis (Okamoto, 1914) and Apochrysa matsumurae Okamoto 1912 (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). The genomes wereExpand
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The effect of temperature during the reproductive period on development of reproductive organs and the occurrence of delayed stem senescence in soybean
ダイズの莢先熟の発生には開花期以降の高温とそれによる莢実器官の発達の不良が関与している可能性がある. ダイズ6品種を温度傾斜型チャンバー(TGC)内およびそれに隣接する畑圃場で栽培し, 温度環境が個体ごとの収量関連諸形質および成熟整合性程度に及ぼす影響を調査した. TGC内は, 生育前半にはほぼ外気温条件に保ち,Expand
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An analytical study of the number of steady states in gene regulatory networks.
  • A. Mochizuki
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Journal of theoretical biology
  • 7 October 2005
Herein, I proposed a model for gene networks and studied the steady states in the dynamics both by numerical and analytical methods. In this model, mRNA and protein levels change continuously withExpand
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Different expression profiles of jasmonic acid and salicylic acid inducible genes in the tomato plant against herbivores with various feeding modes
We compared the expression profiles of jasmonic acid (JA)-inducible genes (Pin2 and LapA1) and salicylic acid (SA)-inducible genes (PRb-1b and GluB) in the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum cv. Micro-Tom)Expand
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Genetic Addiction: Selfish Gene's Strategy for Symbiosis in the Genome
The evolution and maintenance of the phenomenon of postsegregational host killing or genetic addiction are paradoxical. In this phenomenon, a gene complex, once established in a genome, programsExpand
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Male Killing and Incomplete Inheritance of a Novel Spiroplasma in the Moth Ostrinia zaguliaevi
Bacteria of the genus Spiroplasma are widely found in plants and arthropods. Some of the maternally transmitted Spiroplasma endosymbionts in arthropods are known to kill young male hosts (maleExpand
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