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Right‐elevated expression of charon is regulated by fluid flow in medaka Kupffer's vesicle
Recent studies have revealed that a cilium‐generated liquid flow in the node has a crucial role in the establishment of the left‐right (LR) axis in the mouse. In fish, Kupffer's vesicle (KV), aExpand
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Identification of a gene required for de novo DNA methylation of the zebrafish no tail gene
The zebrafish no tail gene (ntl) is indispensable for tail and notochord development. We have shown previously that ntl is de novo methylated during early embryogenesis. To find the gene that de novoExpand
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Phenotypic analysis of a novel chordin mutant in medaka
We have isolated and characterized a ventralized mutant in medaka (the Japanese killifish; Oryzias latipes), which turned out to have a mutation in the chordin gene. The mutant exhibitsExpand
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Cloning and pattern of expression of the shiro-uo vasa gene during embryogenesis and its roles in PGC development.
The vasa genes are expressed in the germ cell lineage in many organisms, but their expression patterns show large variations. Recent studies suggest that vasa transcripts are involved in germ cellExpand
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Characterization of mutations affecting embryonic hematopoiesis in the medaka, Oryzias latipes
In a genetic screen for mutations affecting organogenesis in the medaka, Oryzias latipes, we identified eight mutants with defects in embryonic hematopoiesis. These mutations were classified intoExpand
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Mutation in the abcb7 gene causes abnormal iron and fatty acid metabolism in developing medaka fish
The medaka fish (Oryzias latipes) is an emerging model organism for which a variety of unique developmental mutants have now been generated. Our recent mutagenesis screening of the medaka isolated aExpand
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Unequal distribution of otx1 mRnas among cleavage stage blastomeres in the teleost, Leucopsarion petersii (shiro-uo).
The otx genes belong to the orthodenticle gene family and play important roles in anterior brain development in vertebrates. We isolated two cDNA sequences, one homologous to human and zebrafish otxlExpand
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Mesoderm formation by isolated and cultivated 8-cell stage blastomeres of the teleost, Leucopsarion ptersii (shiro-uo).
Isolation of cleavage-stage blastomeres and the study of their developmental potential has been used extensively for analyzing the mechanisms of embryogenesis in vertebrates, including amphibians andExpand
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