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Determination of the thickness of the fixed aqueous layer around polyethyleneglycol-coated liposomes.
A correlation was indicated to exist between the circulation time of liposomes and the thickness of the aqueous layer around the liposome and the electrical potential distributions near the membrane surfaces were shown to be different between adriamycin-encapsulatingliposomes with and without PEG coating.
Stabilization mechanism of clarithromycin tablets under gastric pH conditions.
This report can be considered the first case where a transparent gel prevents gastric fluid from penetrating the tablet, resulting in reduced decomposition of CAM following oral administrating, and the optimal decomposition rate constant and dissolution rate constant at various pH values were calculated by curve-fitting to consecutive reactions.
Novel mathematical model for predicting the dissolution profile of spherical particles under non-sink conditions.
A mechanistic mathematical model was designed to predict dissolution patterns under non-sink conditions and it was found that the predictions given by the model were surprisingly accurate for all particle sizes.