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Large isoform of MRJ (DNAJB6) reduces malignant activity of breast cancer
It is found that MRJ(L) is expressed at a significantly lower level in aggressive breast cancer cell lines compared with normal breast, and in clinical cases of breast cancer expression of MRJ is lost as the grade of infiltrating ductal carcinoma advances. Expand
Effects of physical attributes on the wages of males and females
Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (1993), this study analyses the effects of physical attributes, namely, height and weight, on the wages of males and females in professionalExpand
ALDH1A1 Maintains Ovarian Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties by Altered Regulation of Cell Cycle Checkpoint and DNA Repair Network Signaling
It is suggested that ovarian cancer cells expressing ALDH1A1 may maintain platinum resistance by altered regulation of cell cycle checkpoint and DNA repair network signaling. Expand
The status of women among the scheduled tribes in India
The scheduled tribes constitute about 8.2% of the total population in India. Although there is a large volume of anthropological literature describing the characteristics of and differences among theExpand
Mathematics skill and male–female wages
Abstract Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY; 1993), this paper analyzes the extent of wage differentials between men and women and the impact of mathematics and verbalExpand
Curcumin exhibits antimetastatic properties by modulating integrin receptors, collagenase activity, and expression of Nm23 and E-cadherin.
The effect of curcumin on the expression of integrin, TIMP-2, Nm23, E-cadherin, adhesion, and metalloproteinase activity is reported on. Expand
Spheroid-forming subpopulation of breast cancer cells demonstrates vasculogenic mimicry via hsa-miR-299–5p regulated de novo expression of osteopontin
It is validated that hsa‐mir‐299–5p targets OPN and de novo expression of OPN in turn plays a critical role in enhancing proliferation, tumorigenicity and the ability to display vasculogenic mimicry of the spheroid‐forming cells. Expand
Curcumin, a potential inhibitor of MMP-2 in human laryngeal squamous carcinoma cells HEp2.
Downregulation of integrin receptors and low levels of FAK may hinder integrin-mediated signal transduction, preventing upregulation of MMP-2 activity, indicating the potential of curcumin as an inhibitor of tumor cell invasion and metastasis. Expand
Human Capital Attainment and Gender Empowerment: The Kerala Paradox†
The State of Kerala in southwestern India shows the highest gender development index in the country. Despite having the highest literacy rate and educational achievements of women, the suicide rateExpand
Access to Supervisory Jobs and the Gender Wage Gap among Professionals
Significant gender wage gap exists in the U.S. labor market. Some of the factors attributed to the gender earnings gap include differential human capital attainment by males and females (Mincer 1962;Expand