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Genomic selection for growth and wood quality in Eucalyptus: capturing the missing heritability and accelerating breeding for complex traits in forest trees.
• Genomic selection (GS) is expected to cause a paradigm shift in tree breeding by improving its speed and efficiency. By fitting all the genome-wide markers concurrently, GS can capture most of theExpand
RT-PCR and Dot Blot hybridization methods for a universal detection of tospoviruses
Transcriptase reverse - polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and dot blot hybridization with digoxigenin-labeled probes were applied for the universal detection of Tospovirus species. The virus speciesExpand
Genetic mapping of Eef1, a major effect QTL for early flowering in Eucalyptus grandis
An early flowering mutant plant of Eucalyptus grandis with normal vegetative growth was found in a nursery in northern Brazil. This mutant plant flowers at approximately 90 days from germination. AExpand
Microsatellite markers for Ceiba pentandra (Bombacaceae), an endangered tree species of the Amazon forest
From a genomic library enriched for AG/TC repeats, eight polymorphic microsatellite markers were developed for Ceiba pentandra, a pan-tropical forest tree. Polymorphism was evaluated using a panel ofExpand
Plant microsatellite genotyping with 4-color fluorescent detection using multiple-tailed primers.
We extended the concept of fluorescent microsatellite genotyping with a single-universal tailed primer to the simultaneous use of three different tailed primers to allow multiplexed 4-color detectionExpand
Independent and Joint-GWAS for growth traits in Eucalyptus by assembling genome-wide data for 3373 individuals across four breeding populations.
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in plants typically suffer from limited statistical power. An alternative to the logistical and cost challenge of increasing sample sizes is to gain power byExpand
Lateral stability limits of farm tractors for forest plantations in steep areas.
The lateral stability of tractors to prepare land for forest plantations and maximum angles of security for the movement of farm tractors in steep areas were evaluated. The determination of theseExpand
Genomic Selection for growth traits in Eucalyptus: accuracy within and across breeding populations
Background Genomic selection (GS) involves selection decisions based on genomic breeding values estimated as the sum of the effects of genome-wide markers capturing most QTLs for the target trait(s).Expand
QTL analyses of drought tolerance in Eucalyptus under two contrasting water regimes
Background Drought stress is one of the most important abiotic factors in Eucalyptus sp. plantations which influences the growth and limits productivity in cultivated areas, mainly in central,Expand
Genomic selection prediction models comparing sequence capture and SNP array genotyping methods
The successful application of genomic selection (GS) approaches is dependent on genetic makers derived from high-throughput and low-cost genotyping methods. Recent GS studies in trees haveExpand