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Politics of Civil Wars: Conflict, Intervention & Resolution
Introduction 1. Theorising Civil War 2. Poverty of Nationalism 3. Erotics of Violence 4. Impasse in Intervention 5. Responsibility to Rebuild - Tasks for Sisyphus 6. Governing the Ungovernable 7.Expand
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Afghanistan: the politics of post-war reconstruction
Post-war reconstruction has become a dominant feature of Western political discourse and a key policy concern since the 1990s. While there is an acute need for informed debate between politicalExpand
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Occupational and systemic contact dermatitis with photosensitivitydue to vitamin B6
Keywords: pyridoxine hydrochloride; vitamin B6; contact hypersensitivity; systemic contact dermatitis; occupational; cutaneous adverse drug reaction; photosensitivity; paramedical worker; Expand
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The azo dye solvent yellow 3 produces depigmentation.
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Response of Mycobacterium habana vaccine in patients with lepromatous leprosy and their household contacts. A pilot clinical study.
Single dose vaccination was carried out with Mycobacterium habana vaccine, 31 lepromatous leprosy cases receiving 1.5 mg (1.5 mg = 6.27 x 10(8) bacilli) and 36 household contacts randomly receivingExpand
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Afghanistan: The Labyrinth of Violence
Map. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1 The Curse of Geopolitics. 2 Ethnic rivalry and the death of Afghan State. 3 Return of the Conservative Natives. 4 Brothers in arms: Radical Islam and itsExpand
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Savarkar and the Discourse on Islam in Pre-Independent India
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Rajmandala Theory and India's International Relations
Shanghai 5 and the emerging alliance in Central Asia: The closed society and its enemies
Since the break up of the Soviet Union, much has been written about its successor states in Central Asia. Re ecting on the ethno-religious and economic proŽ le of the region, analysts have arguedExpand
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Identity and Religion: Foundations of Anti-Islamism in India
Introduction Vivekananda's Hindu Regeneration Project Gandhi and Political Hinduism Nehru - The Sceptical Secularist Savarkar's Discourse on Radical Ethno-Nationalism The Legacy of BritishExpand
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