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Measurement and analysis of online social networks
Online social networking sites like Orkut, YouTube, and Flickr are among the most popular sites on the Internet. Users of these sites form a social network, which provides a powerful means ofExpand
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On the evolution of user interaction in Facebook
Online social networks have become extremely popular; numerous sites allow users to interact and share content using social links. Users of these networks often establish hundreds to even thousandsExpand
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A measurement-driven analysis of information propagation in the flickr social network
Online social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Flickr have become a popular way to share and disseminate content. Their massive popularity has led to viral marketing techniques thatExpand
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Using millions of emoji occurrences to learn any-domain representations for detecting sentiment, emotion and sarcasm
NLP tasks are often limited by scarcity of manually annotated data. In social media sentiment analysis and related tasks, researchers have therefore used binarized emoticons and specific hashtags asExpand
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You are who you know: inferring user profiles in online social networks
Online social networks are now a popular way for users to connect, express themselves, and share content. Users in today's online social networks often post a profile, consisting of attributes likeExpand
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Understanding the Demographics of Twitter Users
Every second, the thoughts and feelings of millions of people across the world are recorded in the form of 140-character tweets using Twitter. However, despite the enormous potential presented byExpand
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Analyzing facebook privacy settings: user expectations vs. reality
The sharing of personal data has emerged as a popular activity over online social networking sites like Facebook. As a result, the issue of online social network privacy has received significantExpand
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Growth of the flickr social network
Online social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut, and Flickr are among the most popular sites on the Web and continue to experience dramatic growth in their user population. The popularity of theseExpand
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An analysis of social network-based Sybil defenses
Recently, there has been much excitement in the research community over using social networks to mitigate multiple identity, or Sybil, attacks. A number of schemes have been proposed, but they differExpand
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Measuring personalization of web search
Web search is an integral part of our daily lives. Recently, there has been a trend of personalization in Web search, where different users receive different results for the same search query. TheExpand
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