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Polarization and temperature dependence of photoluminescence from zincblende and wurtzite InP nanowires
A.M., L.V.T., T.B.H., H.E.J., L.M.S., and J.M.Y.-R. acknowledge support from the Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology of the University of Cincinnati and the National Science Foundation
The many facets of adenine: coordination, crystal patterns, and catalysis.
The emerging use ofAdenine nucleobase for the design of metal-nucleobase frameworks and the use of supramolecular adenine coordination complexes for transferring molecular properties onto surfaces is described.
Direct Observation of the Hole Carriers in DNA Photoinduced Charge Transport.
The dynamics of each step in the charge separation and charge recombination process as well as the overall efficiency of charge separation have been determined, thus providing a complete account of the mechanism and dynamics of photoinduced charge transport in these DNA hairpins.
Crystallographic Signatures of Cobalt Coordination with Modified Adenine Nucleobase Containing Carboxyl Group Pendants
This paper presents synthesis and crystallographic investigations of certain cobalt complexes of N9-functionalized mono- and bis-adenine analogues, containing a carboxylic group pendant. These
A newly Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes of 3-(N- phenyl) thiourea-pentanone-2 as ligand
Present communication deals with the synthesis of copper and cobalt complexes derived from 3-(N- phenyl) thiourea-pentanone-2 as the ligand. Structure of all the compounds was characterized by
Self-Assembly of Perylenediimide-Single-Strand-DNA Conjugates: Employing Hydrophobic Interactions and DNA Base-Pairing To Create a Diverse Structural Space.
Cryo-TEM imaging reveals that ( CG)3 gives rise to both fibers and large assemblies, whereas (CG)5 assembles preferentially into large ordered structures.
XRD, LPF and FTIR investigation of Mn-Bi alloy
High purity MnBi low temperature phase has been prepared and analyzed using X- ray diffraction, Lorentz-Polarization Factor and Fourier transforms infrared measurement. After synthesis of samples
High-Temperature Firing Effect on the Structure and Dielectric Properties of (0.5) La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 (LSMO) + (0.5) Ba0.5K0.5TiO3 (BKT) Composite
A composite of two perovskite materials namely Ba0.5K0.5TiO3[BKT] and La0.8Sr0.2MnO3 [LSMO] was prepared via solid state reaction route. Analysis of the XRD data confirmed the single-phased
Structural, Optical, and Dielectric Studies on Sr-Doped Biferroic YCrO3
In this work, the solid-state synthesis of Y1-xSrxCrO3 (x = 0.0, 0.1) samples has been reported. The X-ray diffraction data analysis confirmed that the synthesized samples have crystallized into the