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Distinguishing Classical and Quantum Models for the D-Wave Device
We study the effect of thermalization on the annealing process realized with the D-Wave Two device. Expand
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Half U-Slot Loaded Semicircular Disk Patch Antenna for GSM Mobile Phone and Optical Communications
In the present paper, a dual frequency resonance antenna is achieved by introducing half U-shaped slot in semicircular disk. It is analysed by using circuit theory concept. The resonance frequency isExpand
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Atmospheric pressure plasmas for surface modification of flexible and printed electronic devices: A review
Abstract Recently, non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma, especially those operated at low gas temperatures, have become a topic of great interest for the processing of flexible and printedExpand
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Broadband rectangular microstrip antenna loaded with a pair of U-shaped slot
In this paper analysis of double U-slot loaded patch antenna is presented. The parameter of the antenna significantly depends on slot dimensions. Bandwidth of the proposed antenna is found 21.59 %.Expand
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The evolution of the plasma potential in a HiPIMS discharge and its relationship to deposition rate
An electron-emitting probe has been used to measure the temporal evolution of the plasma potential Vp along a line from target (Ti) to substrate above the racetrack in a high-power impulse magnetronExpand
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Measurements of Deposition Rate and Substrate Heating in a HiPIMS Discharge
The thermal energy flux delivered to the substrate position was measured for continuous-dc, pulsed dc- and high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) magnetron discharges at the sameExpand
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Cathode Current Density Distributions in High Power Impulse and Direct Current Magnetron Sputtering Modes
During the operation of high power impulse magnetron sputtering discharges, peak currents in excess of 1 000 A may be observed, leading to large instantaneous power levels. To investigate this methodExpand
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Consistency tests of classical and quantum models for a quantum annealer
Recently the question of whether the D-Wave processors exhibit large-scale quantum behavior or can be described by a classical model has attracted significant interest. In this work we address thisExpand
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In the present paper notch loaded shorted microstrip patch antenna has been analysed using cavity model. The proposed antenna shows dual band operation which depends on notch dimensions as well asExpand
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Dualband Slot Loaded Circular Disk Patch Antenna for WLAN Application
Analysis of two parallel slots embedded in circular disk patch antenna has been presented. The proposed antenna exhibits dualband behaviour working at 2.93 and 3.52 GHz suitable for WLAN application.Expand
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