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A continuous performance test of brain damage.
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Analysis of the elements of attention: A neuropsychological approach
A model for conceptualizing the components or elements of attention is presented. The model substitutes for the diffuse and global concept of “attention” a group of four processes and links them to aExpand
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Maternal drinking during pregnancy: attention and short-term memory in 14-year-old offspring--a longitudinal prospective study.
A large and compelling experimental literature has documented the adverse impact of prenatal alcohol exposure on the developing brain of the offspring. This is the first report of adolescentExpand
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Cognition in eating disorders.
Cognitive functions were investigated in four groups of women: 30 underweight anorexics, 38 normal-weight bulimics, 20 long-term weight-restored anorexics, and 39 normal controls. A MANOVA was usedExpand
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Disorders of attention: A neuropsychological perspective.
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Behavioral and psychophysiological markers of disordered attention.
  • A. Mirsky
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  • 1 October 1987
Behavioral and psychophysiological assays provide the most sensitive indication of whether a presumed neurotoxin has a deleterious effect on the nervous system. The effects of lead on the nervousExpand
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Developmental changes in attentional performance in urban children from eight to thirteen years
Abstract In an earlier study of an epidemiological sample of 435 urban 8-year-old children, factor analytically-derived components of attention, as assessed by neuropsychological tests, wereExpand
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The structure of schizotypy: A pilot multitrait twin study
This report of a pilot study examines 29 pairs of twins from a population-based registry on whom four domains of schizotypy have been measured: personal interview using the Structured Interview forExpand
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Attentional Capacities in Children with Autism: Is There a General Deficit in Shifting Focus?
Twenty-three children with autism and two control groups completed an attention battery comprising three versions of the continuous performance test (CPT), a digit cancellation task, the WisconsinExpand
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A model of attention and its relation to ADHD
We present a neuropsychological model of attention in normal and disordered states, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The model is based on a factor analysis of data derivedExpand
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