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Phytotoxicity, not nitrogen immobilization, explains plant litter inhibitory effects: evidence from solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy.
Litter decomposition provides nutrients that sustain ecosystem productivity, but litter may also hamper root proliferation. The objectives of this work were to assess the inhibitory effect of litterExpand
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Litter quality assessed by solid state 13C NMR spectroscopy predicts decay rate better than C/N and Lignin/N ratios
Abstract Predictions of litter decomposition rates are critical for modelling biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial ecosystems and forecasting organic carbon and nutrient stock balances. LitterExpand
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Inhibitory and toxic effects of extracellular self-DNA in litter: a mechanism for negative plant-soil feedbacks?
Plant-soil negative feedback (NF) is recognized as an important factor affecting plant communities. The objectives of this work were to assess the effects of litter phytotoxicity and autotoxicity onExpand
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Fairy rings caused by a killer fungus foster plant diversity in species-rich grassland
Questions: Does the fairy ring fungus Agaricus campestris affects spatial distribution of co-existing plant species? Is ring development related to changes of soil physical, chemical, enzymatic andExpand
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Retention of dead leaves by grasses as a defense against herbivores. A test on the palatable grass Paspalum dilatatum
The vast majority of grass species retain their leaves as they become senescent, inducing an accumulation of dead biomass that may limit plant productivity. In this research, we tested the hypothesisExpand
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Refining the range of an importance index
Summary An index measuring interaction importance (Iimp) was proposed in a paper published on 2010 by the Journal of Ecology. This index, now widely used by researchers, has been claimed toExpand
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Integrating importance and intensity: a novel approach to normalize measurement of neighbour effects
An intense debate is underway on the different approaches to measuring the importance of neighbour interaction. Both the ecological meaning and the statistical suitability of one of the most popularExpand
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Plant colonization of brownfield soil and post-washing sludge: effect of organic amendment and environmental conditions
Abstract This paper analyses the effects of substrate properties and environmental conditions on spontaneous vegetation of soil and sludges from a dismantled steel plant moderately polluted by heavyExpand
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Improved thin-layer chromatographic determination of phospholipids in gastric aspirate from newborns, for assessment of lung maturity.
This one-dimensional thin-layer chromatographic method is used for assay of phospholipids in the gastric aspirate of newborns. The solvent mixture (chloroform/hexane/methanol/glacial aceticExpand
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