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The pandemic and the female academic
I’m curious what lockdown will reveal about the ‘maternal wall’ that can block faculty advancement. I’m curious what lockdown will reveal about the ‘maternal wall’ that can block faculty advancement.
Mothers, childcare duties, and remote working under COVID-19 lockdown in Italy: Cultivating communities of care
Drawing on a virtual ethnography, we explore how the increase in remote working has created unequal domestic rearrangements of parenting duties with respect to gender relations during the COVID-19
Linking the macro to the micro: a multidimensional approach to educational inequalities in four European countries
ABSTRACT Recent research into educational inequalities has shown the importance of decomposing social origins into parental class, status and education, representing economic, socio-cultural and
Catching up! The sexual opinions and behaviour of Italian students (2000-2017)
Over the past decades and particularly recently, sexual attitudes and behaviour have been exposed to tremendous changes across developed societies. Only partial or outdated studies are available for
The pandemic and the academic mothers: present hardships and future perspectives
ABSTRACT Gender differences in academia are well-known. Women publish less, achieve higher positions less frequently, and have more interrupted careers. Mothers, more than fathers or childless men
Uncertainty and Narratives of the Future: A Theoretical Framework for Contemporary Fertility
Explanations for fertility decisions based on structural constraints—such as labor, housing condition, or income—do not account for the contemporary fertility downturn faced by many countries in
The Educational Expectations of Children of Immigrants in Italy
In this article, the authors investigate the short-run educational expectations and long-term educational aspirations of the children of immigrants living in Italy and attending eighth grade. The
The educational expectations of Italian children: the role of social interactions with the children of immigrants
This paper aims to investigate to what extent the growing presence of children with immigrant background in the Italian school system has an impact on the educational expectations of Italian students
A reflection on economic uncertainty and fertility in Europe: The Narrative Framework
It is argued that fertility decisions are not a mere “statistical shadow of the past”, and the Narrative Framework is advanced, a new approach to the relationship between economic uncertainty and fertility.