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Nrf2-Keap1 signaling in oxidative and reductive stress.
The effects of the Nrf2-Keap1 system in the physiology and pathophysiology of striated muscle tissue taking into account its role(s) in oxidative stress and reductive stress are highlighted. Expand
Nrf2 and NF-κB and Their Concerted Modulation in Cancer Pathogenesis and Progression
The role of Nrf2 and NF-κB in cancer pathogenesis and progression is considered, focusing on their concerted modulation and potential cross-talk. Expand
Lipid composition of the main fractions of rabbit semen.
PC, followed by PE and LPC were the most abundant PL classes of seminal plasma, droplets and vesicles, which have higher PE and SM levels and lower PC/PE+PC ratios than in the germinal cells. Expand
The chymotryptic phosphopyridoxyl peptide of DOPA decarboxylase from pig kidney.
The amino acid sequence of the coenzyme-binding site of DOPA-decarboxylase from pig kidney has been determined. A sample of enzyme was reduced with NABH4, aminoethylated and then digested withExpand
Effect of seminal plasma on the characteristics and fertility of rabbit spermatozoa.
A positive correlation between final TBA-RS and cell viability indicated that peroxidation was one of the cause of rabbit sperm deterioration during conservation, and reduced lipid oxidation of semen only after storage. Expand
Inhibition of NF-κB nuclear translocation via HO-1 activation underlies α-tocopheryl succinate toxicity.
Results suggest a little understood mechanism for α-TOS-induced inhibition of NF-κB nuclear translocation due to HO-1 up-regulation, which is suppressed by the pharmacological inhibition ofHO-1 and mimicked by the end-products of HO activity, i.e., bilirubin and carbon monoxide. Expand
Suppressor of cytokine signaling-3 antagonizes cAMP effects on proliferation and apoptosis and is expressed in human prostate cancer.
The results show that SOCS-3 antagonizes regulation of cellular events by cAMP and is expressed in human prostate cancer. Expand
Oxidative status and semen characteristics of rabbit buck as affected by dietary vitamin E, C and n-3 fatty acids.
The n-3 supplementation modified the fatty acid profile of the spermatozoa membrane and simultaneously enhanced oxidative processes and improved the characteristics of fresh and stored rabbit semen. Expand
Focus on cyclo(His-Pro): history and perspectives as antioxidant peptide
The most intriguing function of this cyclic dipeptide is related with its neuroprotective role that was first reported in traumatic injuries of the spinal cord, and then confirmed in other models of experimental injuries ofThe nervous system. Expand
Oxidatively-modified and glycated proteins as candidate pro-inflammatory toxins in uremia and dialysis patients
A review of the literature and original information on the techniques for investigating proteinaceous pro-inflammatory toxins is provided and therapeutic strategies proposed to alleviate the accumulation of these toxins and to constrain the inflammatory and oxidative burden of ESRD are evaluated. Expand