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Consumption of cocoa flavanols results in acute improvements in mood and cognitive performance during sustained mental effort
Cocoa flavanols (CF) positively influence physiological processes in ways that suggest their consumption may improve aspects of cognitive function. This study investigated the acute cognitive andExpand
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The effects of l-theanine, caffeine and their combination on cognition and mood
L-Theanine is an amino acid found naturally in tea. Despite the common consumption of L-theanine, predominantly in combination with caffeine in the form of tea, only one study to date has examinedExpand
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A double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-dose evaluation of the acute behavioural effects of guaraná in humans
The present study aimed to systematically assess acute, dose-related behavioural effects of an extract of guaraná plant for the first time in humans. This double-blind, counterbalanced,Expand
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Panax ginseng has no effect on indices of glucose regulation following acute or chronic ingestion in healthy volunteers
In the absence of effective pharmacotherapy for diabetes there has been an increase in the use of, and research into, alternative treatment strategies. These include exercise, dietary interventionsExpand
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Effects of Cholinesterase Inhibiting Sage (Salvia officinalis) on Mood, Anxiety and Performance on a Psychological Stressor Battery
Salvia officinalis (sage) has previously been shown both to possess in vitro cholinesterase inhibiting properties, and to enhance mnemonic performance and improve mood in healthy young participants.Expand
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Caffeine at levels found in decaffeinated beverages is behaviourally active
It has previously been assumed that levels of caffeine typically found in decaffeinated beverages have no behavioural effects. However, recent findings from our laboratory indicate that caffeineExpand
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Effects of chewing gum on subjective and physiological stress responses
The notion that chewing gum may relieve stress was investigated in a controlled laboratory experiment. The defined intensity stress simulator (DISS) is a multi-tasking platform which reliably inducesExpand
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