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Dust clouds and frictional generation of glow discharges on Mars
A REMARKABLE characteristic of those samples of the martian soil which have so far been analysed is the absence of carbonaceous matter down to the parts per billion (109) level1. As well as a lack ofExpand
Pillow lavas and the Leidenfrost effect
  • A. Mills
  • Geology
  • Journal of the Geological Society
  • 1 January 1984
Field observations of the formation of pillows by hot, de-gassed lava entering the sea have proved that their generation involves the underwater exposure and movement of incandescent material. ThisExpand
The use of thermoluminescence (TL) to determine the terrestrial age of meteorites is investigated. It is found that meteorites can be divided into two groups. One group, in which members lose theirExpand
Rate of evaporation of n-alcohols from a hot surface: Nukiyama and Leidenfrost temperatures
The Nukiyama and Leidenfrost temperatures of the range of n-alkanes from pentane to hexadecane have been investigated, and their relationships to the standard boiling points determined. The NukiyamaExpand
Mechanics of the sandglass
The factors that control the period delineated by a sandglass have been systematically investigated. This form of interval timer (known since medieval times) depends on particle flow, which exhibitsExpand
Preferential orientation in four C3 chondritic meteorites
IT is more than a century since oriented fabrics were first noted in chondrites (see ref. 1), but since then little work has been done on the topic2,3, the most extensive being that by Dodd4. HeExpand
The production of a plane surface, as illustrated by specula from some early Newtonian telescopes
  • A. Mills, R. Hall
  • Physics
  • Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London
  • 1 March 1983
THE construction of accurate paraboloidal mirrors for reflecting telescopes has been the subject of much attention from physicists, practical opticians, and historians of science. However, theExpand
Potassium–Argon and Rubidium–Strontium Ages of some Granites from Britain and Eire
New data are presented on the age of granites from various locations in Britain and Eire. The data were obtained by means of isotopic age determination techniques for measuring potassium - argon andExpand
Vermeer and the Camera Obscura: Some Practical Considerations
The remarkable precision of linear perspective in Vermeer’s paintings has led to the claim that he used a “room-type” camera obscura. However, the most readily available convex lenses available inExpand