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Monoids, acts, and categories
Differential and Difference Dimension Polynomials
Preface. I. Preliminaries. II. Numerical Polynomials. III. Basic Notion of Differential and Difference Algebra. IV. Grobner Bases. V. Differential Dimension Polynomials. VI. Dimension Polynomials inExpand
Linear recurring sequences over rings and modules
Here we present some fundamental concept and results of the theory of linear recurring sequences over rings and modules and their applications. Of course, the authors give in more detail thoseExpand
Introduction to the Theory of Topological Rings and Modules
Preliminaries pseudonormalization of topological rings and modules completion of topological rings and modules the products of topological rings and modules non-discrete topologizations of rings andExpand
Linear Codes and Polylinear Recurrences over Finite Rings and Modules
We give a short survey of the results obtained in the last several decades that develop the theory of linear codes and polylinear recurrences over finite rings and modules following the well-known results on codes. Expand
Endomorphism Rings of Abelian Groups
This paper contains a review of results on endomorphism rings of Abelian groups. On one hand, this rapidly developing section of contemporary algebra can be considered as a part of Abelian groupExpand
Generalized polynomial identities and rings which are sums of two subrings
In the article we show that the sum of two PI-rings is again a PI-ring.
Midlatitude auroras in the south of Eastern Siberia during strong geomagnetic storms on October 29–31, 2003 and November 20–21, 2003
Preliminary results of optical observations of midlatitude auroras at the Geophysical observatory of ISTP SD RAS in the south of Eastern Siberia (52°N, 103°E) during two strong magnetic storms onExpand
Variability of the 557-nm atmospheric emission
The variability of diurnal, day-to-day, and monthly average rates of the 557.7-nm atmospheric emission (I557.7) is considered. We use 1997–2010 airglow observation data obtained for the upperExpand