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Phase transition in a strongly nonideal deuterium plasma generated by quasi-isentropical compression at megabar pressures.
High-explosive driven generators of cylindrical and plane shock waves in D2 and H2 were used for the generation of warm and dense strongly nonideal matter with an intense interparticle interactionExpand
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Shear instability at the “explosion product–metal” interface for sliding detonation of an explosive charge
Abstract Periodic perturbations at the “explosion product–metal” interface were studied experimentally. Experiments were performed for both spherical and plane geometry. Critical conditions of waveExpand
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Experimental modelling and numerical simulation of high- and hypervelocity space debris impact to spacecraft shield protection
Abstract Results of three sets of experiments modelling space debris impact to spacecraft shield protection in velocities range of 0.5–6.5 km/s are presented. Numerical simulation in the experimentsExpand
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Matter fields in spacetime with vector nonmetricity
A metric-affine generalization of the Riemannian geometry is considered. In the torsion-free case the only characteristic object indicating the deviation from the Riemannian spacetime is aExpand
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Experimental measurements of the compressibility, temperature, and light absorption in dense shock-compressed gaseous deuterium
Experimental data on the shock compression, temperature, and absorptivity of gaseous deuterium with an initial density close to its value in the liquid state were obtained on a spherical explosionExpand
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Hydrodynamic instabilities in solid media — from the object of investigation to the investigation tool
The implementation of inertial confinement fusion, such as gas-dynamic, laser or magnetohydrodynamic, as well as of many other pulse systems with high energy densities particularly depends on energyExpand
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Instability of an interface between steel layers acted upon by an oblique shock wave
This paper reports results of experiments in which development of instability was observed on the interface between two identical metals in tight contact with passage of an oblique shock wave throughExpand
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Quasi-isentropic compressibility of deuterium and helium at pressures of 1500–5000 GPa
The quasi-isentropic compressibilities of deuterium and helium plasmas are measured in the pressure range 1500–5000 GPa at densities up to 8 g/cm3 using spherical experimental devices and an X-rayExpand
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