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A Survey on Ambient-Assisted Living Tools for Older Adults
In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid surge in assisted living technologies due to a rapidly aging society. The aging population, the increasing cost of formal health care, the caregiver burden,Expand
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Assistive technology for cognitive rehabilitation: State of the art
For close to 20 years, clinicians and researchers have been developing and assessing technological interventions for individuals with either acquired impairments or developmental disorders. ThisExpand
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The COACH prompting system to assist older adults with dementia through handwashing: An efficacy study
BackgroundMany older adults with dementia require constant assistance from a caregiver when completing activities of daily living (ADL). This study examines the efficacy of a computerized deviceExpand
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Automated handwashing assistance for persons with dementia using video and a partially observable Markov decision process
This paper presents a real-time vision-based system to assist a person with dementia wash their hands. The system uses only video inputs, and assistance is given as either verbal or visual prompts,Expand
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An intelligent emergency response system: preliminary development and testing of automated fall detection
We have designed an intelligent emergency response system to detect falls in the home. It uses image-based sensors. A pilot study was conducted using 21 subjects to evaluate the efficacy andExpand
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A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Task Assistance for Persons with Dementia
Cognitive assistive technologies that aid people with dementia (such as Alzheimer's disease) hold the promise to provide such people with an increased level of independence. However, to realize thisExpand
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The use of computer vision in an intelligent environment to support aging-in-place, safety, and independence in the home
This paper discusses the use of computer vision in pervasive healthcare systems, specifically in the design of a sensing agent for an intelligent environment that assists older adults with dementiaExpand
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A planning system based on Markov decision processes to guide people with dementia through activities of daily living
Older adults with dementia often cannot remember how to complete activities of daily living and require a caregiver to aid them through the steps involved. The use of a computerized guidance systemExpand
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Ambient Assisted Living Technologies for Aging Well: A Scoping Review
Abstract Ambient assisted living (AAL) technology is of considerable interest in supporting the independence and quality of life of older adults. As such, it is a core focus of the emerging field ofExpand
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The use of an intelligent prompting system for people with dementia
perform routine activities: They cannot remember the proper sequence of steps or how to use the necessary tools. Strategies commonly used by caregivers involve continually providing reminders orExpand
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