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Habitat selection by the Mediterranean horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus euryale (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae) in a rural area of southern Italy and implications for conservation
We studied habitat selection by Rhinolophus euryale in a rural area of southern Italy in 1998–2000 by radio-tracking. Two comparisons were carried out, one between habitat occurrence withinExpand
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Impact of Past Mining Activity on the Quality of Water and Soil in the High Moulouya Valley (Morocco)
Physical and chemical properties and the total content of potentially toxic metals (PTMs) in waters and soils were studied from the High Moulouya Valley (Morocco) in order to assess the impact of theExpand
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Decomposition of submerged plant litter in a Mediterranean reservoir: A microcosm study
Abstract Decomposition of plant debris is a critical process during the filling phase of water reservoir. Here we investigated the impact of decomposition of the plant species (Cytisus scoparius,Expand
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How to Be a Male at Different Elevations: Ecology of Intra-Sexual Segregation in the Trawling Bat Myotis daubentonii
Intra-sexual segregation is a form of social segregation widespread among vertebrates. In the bat Myotis daubentonii, males are disproportionately abundant at higher elevations, while females areExpand
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New perspectives on the use of nucleic acids in pharmacological applications: inhibitory action of extracellular self-DNA in biological systems
AbstractThe research for new products against pathogens, parasites and infesting species, in both agriculture and medicine, implies huge and increasing scientific, industrial and economic efforts.Expand
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Quality Assurance in Occupational Health Nursing
  • A. Migliozzi
  • Medicine
  • Occupational health nursing
  • 1 February 1985
Quality assurance is a necessary part of nursing services. An overview of quality assurance is presented including structure process and outcome approaches. Each approach is defined and an exampleExpand
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Loss of potential bat habitat following a severe wildfire: a model-based rapid assessment
Fire is a major disturbance that affects ecological communities, and when fire events increase in frequency or extent, they may jeopardise biodiversity. Although long-term studies are irreplaceableExpand
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FEM-Based Deformation Control for Dexterous Manipulation of 3D Soft Objects
In this paper, a method for dexterous manipulation of 3D soft objects for real-time deformation control is presented, relying on Finite Element modelling and a unified representation based on Lagrange multipliers. Expand
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A Multivariate Approach for Mapping Fire Ignition Risk: The Example of the National Park of Cilento (Southern Italy)
Recent advances in fire management led landscape managers to adopt an integrated fire fighting strategy in which fire suppression is supported by prevention actions and by knowledge of local fireExpand
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Surveillance for silicosis, 1993--Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.
PROBLEM/CONDITION Silicosis is an occupational respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of respirable dust containing crystalline silica. Public health surveillance programs to identify workersExpand
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