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Mechanisms that regulate localization of a DNA double-strand break to the nuclear periphery.
It is proposed that sequestration of unrepaired or slowly repaired DSBs to the nuclear periphery reflects a competition between alternative repair pathways. Expand
The structure of ActVA‐Orf6, a novel type of monooxygenase involved in actinorhodin biosynthesis
This is the first crystal structure of an enzyme involved in the tailoring of a type II aromatic polyketide and illustrates some of the enzyme–substrate recognition features that may apply to a range of other enzymes involved in modifying apolyketide core structure. Expand
Yeast Silent Mating Type Loci Form Heterochromatic Clusters through Silencer Protein-Dependent Long-Range Interactions
This work identifies specific long-range interactions between HML and HMR that are dependent upon silencing proteins Sir2p, Sir3p, and Sir4p as well as Sir1p and Esc1p, two proteins involved in establishment of silencing. Expand
Two distinct interaction motifs in amphiphysin bind two independent sites on the clathrin terminal domain β-propeller
The presence of both sequence motifs within the unstructured region of the amphiphysins allows them to bind more tightly to free TDs than do other endocytic proteins that contain only clathrin-box motifs. Expand
Complex landscape of protein structural dynamics unveiled by nanosecond Laue crystallography
It is proposed that the extended relaxation of the globin moiety reflects reequilibration among conformational substates known to play an essential role in controlling protein function. Expand
Long-range chromosomal interactions and gene regulation.
Several well-characterized cases of long-range interactions involved in the activation and repression of transcription are described and it is proposed that a genome-wide network analysis may provide new insights into the logic ofLong-range gene regulation. Expand
Free energy of burying hydrophobic residues in the interface between protein subunits.
We have obtained an experimental estimate of the free energy change associated with variations at the interface between protein subunits, a subject that has raised considerable interest since theExpand
Inhibition of Schistosoma mansoni Thioredoxin-glutathione Reductase by Auranofin
It is proposed that Sec mediates the transfer of gold from its ligands in AF to the redox-active Cys couples of TGR, and can be mimicked by an external source of selenium (benzeneselenol). Expand
Moonlighting by different stressors: crystal structure of the chaperone species of a 2-Cys peroxiredoxin.
This work presents the structures of Schistosoma mansoni PrxI in both states: the LMW decamer and the HMW 20-mer formed by two stacked decamers, and proposes a model to account for the in vivo formation of long filaments of stacked Prx rings. Expand
Glutathione reductase and thioredoxin reductase at the crossroad: The structure of Schistosoma mansoni thioredoxin glutathione reductase
The crystal structure of TGR from Schistosoma mansoni is reported, deleted in the last two residues, and the peculiar architecture of this chimeric enzyme is revealed, updating the interpretation of the interdomain communication in TGR enzymes. Expand