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On the relative motion of the Earth and the luminiferous ether
THE discovery. of the aberration of light was soon followed by an explanation according to the emission theory. The effect was attributed to a simple composition of the velocity of light with the
Measurement of the Diameter of Alpha-Orionis by the Interferometer.
1This and a later report form a preliminary account of a series of investigations which are being carried out in this laboratory on variation and inhe ritance in T. lewisi. 2 Throughout this work the
The relative motion of the Earth and of the luminiferous ether
THE undulatory theor.Y of light assumes the existence of a medium called the ethel', whose vibrations produce the phenomena of heat and light, and which is supposed to fill all space. According to
Fourier's Series
IN reply to Mr. Love's remarks in NATURE of October 13, I would say that in the series in which In sin nx is the last term considered, x must be taken smaller than π/n in order to find the values of
On the Application of Interference Methods to Astronomical Measurements.
  • A. Michelson
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    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 1 August 1920
The Effect of the Earth's Rotation on the Velocity of Light
IN the Philosophical Magazine (6), 8, 716, 1904, an experiment was described, designed to test the effect of the earth's rotation on the velocity of light. In consequence of atmospheric disturbances,
Repetition of the Michelson-Morley Experiment
THIS investigation was undertaken with the view of making a more accurate test than had hitherto been obtained, and may be divided into three parts as follows: