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Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants II
It seems a pity, in this day and age of camera-ready copies, almost instant printing and so on, that the Second International Conference on Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants, which wasExpand
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The dynamics of the double-pan beam balance
The dynamical behaviour of the double-pan beam balance is investigated for the case of free vibration and also for the case of forced vibration of the type that is commonly called ground vibration;Expand
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An experimental test of the inverse square law of gravitation at range of 0.1 m
Theories attempting to unify gravitation with other interactions of Nature assume that the gravitational force arises from the exchange of particles. Several authors have predicted deviations,Expand
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A description of electron diffraction from higher-order Laue zones
The usual Bloch wave description of electron diffraction from higher-order Laue zones requires the solution of a quadratic eigenvalue equation. In this note we show that in the high-energy case thisExpand
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Effect of diffuse scattering on the interpretation of measurement of the absorption of fast electrons
Abstract The effects of (a) diffuse plasmon scattering and (b) the presence of surface layers such as oxide or contamination films on the measurement of electron absorption parameters areExpand
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Plasmon losses in Al-Mg alloys
Abstract The plasmon losses of the α, β, γ and δ phases of the Al-Mg alloy system have been measured by combined electron microscopy and velocity analysis. This technique, together with a detailedExpand
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Studies of segregation and the initial stages of precipitation at grain boundaries in an aluminium 7 wt. % magnesium alloy with an energy analysing electron microscope
A new high resolution technique has been developed for the study of segregation and associated phenomena; a microanalysis is, in effect, performed on a highly magnified image of a specimen whenExpand
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Diffraction of Electrons by Perfect Crystals
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An energy analysing electron microscope
An instrument is described which combines the facilities of transmission electron microscopy of thin foils with energy analysis of the transmitted electrons in the low-lying loss region. TheExpand
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The critical voltage effect in high voltage electron microscopy
Abstract A number of new applications of the critical voltage effect are proposed and investigated both theoretically and experimentally. It is shown that this effect may be used not only for theExpand
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