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A dynamic simulation tool for traffic engineering problems in motorway networks, including multiple origins, multiple destinations and alternative routes, is presented. The basic equations of purelyExpand
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This paper applies the optimal control approach (discrete-time formulation) to the design of optimal coordinated and integrated motorway control strategies. A feasible-direction algorithm is used forExpand
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Optimal Motorway Traffic Flow Control Involving Variable Speed Limits and Ramp Metering
The impact of variable speed limits (VSL) on aggregate traffic flow behaviour on motorways is shown to bear similarities to the impact of ramp metering, in particular, when addressing potentiallyExpand
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Real-Time Freeway Traffic State Estimation Based on Extended Kalman Filter: A Case Study
This paper presents a case study of real-time traffic state estimation. The adopted general approach to the design of universal traffic state estimators for freeway stretches is based on stochasticExpand
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Optimal mainstream traffic flow control of large-scale motorway networks
The continuously increasing daily traffic congestions on motorway networks around the world call for innovative control measures that would drastically improve the current traffic conditions.Expand
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Traffic Simulation with METANET
This chapter presents the macroscopic simulation tool METANET along with several options, variations, and extensions. METANET simulates complex traffic flow phenomena on motorway networks under allExpand
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Real-time freeway traffic state estimation based on extended Kalman filter: Adaptive capabilities and real data testing
This paper reports on real data testing of a real-time freeway traffic state estimator, with a particular focus on its adaptive capabilities. The pursued general approach to the real-time adaptiveExpand
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RENAISSANCE – A Unified Macroscopic Model-Based Approach to Real-Time Freeway Network Traffic Surveillance
The paper presents a unified macroscopic model-based approach to real-time freeway network traffic surveillance as well as a software tool RENAISSANCE that has been recently developed to implementExpand
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Route diversion control in motorway networks via nonlinear optimization
The online application of nonlinear optimization methods to feedback control of motorway networks is presented. The considered control measure is route diversion via variable message signs (VMS). TheExpand
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A predictive feedback routing control strategy for freeway network traffic
Available routing strategies for traffic networks may be classified as feedback and iterative strategies. Feedback strategies base their routing decisions on real-time measurable information only,Expand
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