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Travelling Mathematics - The Fate of Diophantos' Arithmetic
Arithmetic and the beginnings of algebra.- Alexandria ad Aegyptum.- Diophantos and the Arithmetika.- Sleeping beauty in the Dark Ages.- New vistas.- Humanism.- Renaissance or the rebirth of
Practical mathematics in a commercial metropolis: Mathematical life in late 16th century Antwerp
1 Preface.- 2 Introduction.- 3 The Family Coignet.- 4 Peeter Heyns and the Nymphs of the Laurel Tree.- 5 The Arithmetic Teacher and his School.- 6 The Antwerp arithmetic books.- 7 Winegauging.- 8
Michiel Coignet's contribution to the development of the sector
Summary The contribution of the Antwerp mathematician and instrument maker Michiel Coignet to the development of the sector is investigated. It will be shown that he invented a rule, the reigle
The Genesis of Geometry
Many elementary geometry books for secondary schools contain exercises in which a construction with compass and straightedge is called for. In many cases, these are exercises whose history goes back
Astrology and the Archduke: Two unpublished letters by Tycho Brahe on the horoscope of Albert VII of Austria
By 1600 Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II was still unmarried and therefore without an heir apparent. Rudolf was pressured to name a successor, who could take over as long as there was no direct heir. The
Mathematics education in late sixteenth-century Antwerp
Summary In this paper I present a picture of the social status of the Antwerp arithmetic teachers. This requires first a closer look at the Antwerp schoolmaster in general. Because no fewer than
Fair stood the wind for France
Francois Viete was born in Fontenay-le-Comte in 1540. After an education at the Franciscan school of Fontenay, he enrolled at the university of Poitiers in 1558 to study civil and canonical law. It
The Cinderella of regular polygons
Among the regular polygons, the regular heptagon most certainly is Cinderella. Contrary to a triangle, a square, a pentagon or a hexagon, the heptagon is not constructible using compass and