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Priberam's Question Answering System in a Cross-Language Environment
The improvements and changes implemented in Priberam's QA system since last CLEF participation are described, detailing the work involved in its cross-lingual extension and discussing the results of the runs submitted to evaluation. Expand
Jointly Extracting and Compressing Documents with Summary State Representations
A new neural model for text summarization that first extracts sentences from a document and then compresses them, improving over current extractive and abstractive methods is presented. Expand
Priberam's Question Answering System for Portuguese
The work done by Priberam in the development of a question answering (QA) system for Portuguese was built using the company’s natural language processing (NLP) workbench and information retrieval technology. Expand
Design and Implementation of a Semantic Search Engine for Portuguese
We present the semantic multilingual question answering engine of the TRUST project, describing its overall architecture, its common multilingual resources, as well as the specific resources, toolsExpand
Automated Fact Checking in the News Room
An automated fact checking platform which given a claim, it retrieves relevant textual evidence from a document collection, predicts whether each piece of evidence supports or refutes the claim, and returns a final verdict. Expand
SUMMA at TAC Knowledge Base Population Task 2017
The SUMMA system used an entity recognition based on a LSTM+CRF neural network and two different approaches for entity linking disambiguation: a nearest-neighbors search engine and a distributed representation based on previous work of Yamada et al. (2017). Expand
Priberam's Question Answering System in QA@CLEF 2008
The fine-tuning of the syntactic analysis allowed the system to more precisely match the pivots of the question with their counterparts in the answer and Priberam's system achieved a considerable overall accuracy increase in the Portuguese run. Expand
The SUMMA Platform Prototype
We present the first prototype of the SUMMA Platform: an integrated platform for multilingual media monitoring. The platform contains a rich suite of low-level and high-level natural languageExpand
Priberam's Question Answering System in QA@CLEF 2007
This paper accounts for Priberam's participation in the monolingual question answering (QA) track of CLEF 2007, which endowed the system with syntactical processing, in order to capture the syntactic structure of the question. Expand
A Workbench for Developing Natural Language Processing Tools
This paper presents a workbench built by Priberam Informática for the development of the company’s natural language processing technology. This workbench includes a set of linguistic resources andExpand