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Erosion of soft cohesive sediment deposits
Erosion behavior of soft cohesive sediment deposits has been investigated in laboratory experiments. Such deposits are representative of the top, active layer of estuarial beds. An experimentalExpand
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Characterization of Cohesive Sediment Properties and Transport Processes in Estuaries
Important factors characterizing cohesive sediment in estuarial transport are described with reference to measurement of appropriate parameters. Two categories of measurement are required — those forExpand
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An Introduction to Hydraulics of Fine Sediment Transport
Fine Sediment Classification and Characteristic Properties Processes of Flocculation, Settling, Deposition, Consolidation, Gelation and Erosion Properties and Behavior of Fluid Mud Wave-MudExpand
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On estuarine cohesive sediment suspension behavior
Several transport processes must be considered in any evaluation of the behavior of cohesive sediments in estuaries influenced by currents and waves. Focusing on the need to understand the evolutionExpand
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Morphodynamic relationships for ebb and flood delta volumes at Florida’s tidal entrances
Tidal entrances constitute an important boundary condition for the coastal ocean regime. Based on data from 67 sandy entrances in Florida, morphodynamic relationships between tidal prism, entranceExpand
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Physical processes constituting fine, cohesive sediment transport in estuarial waters are described. These processes, which include settling and deposition, consolidation, erosion and transport inExpand
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Laboratory Studies on Cohesive Sediment Deposition and Erosion
Processes of erosion and deposition of fine-grained, cohesive sediment are reviewed with reference to laboratory results generally applicable to low to moderate energy estuarial environments. UnderExpand
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On the Mechanics of Lutoclines and Fluid Mud
ROSS, M.A., and MEHTA, A.J., 1989. On the Mechanics of Lutoclines and Fluid Mud. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 5. Fort Lauderdale (Florida). ISSN 0749-0208. The need to predictExpand
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Assessment of the erodibility of fine/coarse sediment mixtures
Erision of mixtures of fine-grained sediments with sand is examined in a heuristic treatment relying on laboratory flume experiments under steady flows. Formulas for the critical stress for mixtureExpand
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