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Production of sordarin and related metabolites by the coprophilous fungus Podospora pleiospora in submerged culture and in its natural substrate.
Sordarin-type natural products are synthesized by P. pleiospora at sufficiently high concentrations to account for antibiosis against yeasts, but not against filamentous fungi. Expand
Brefeldin A production by Phoma medicaginis in dead pre-colonized plant tissue: a strategy for habitat conquest?
This metabolite may have a function in substrate defence after the switch from the endophytic to the saprotrophic period in the life-cycle of P. medicaginis following the death of infected host tissue. Expand
Antiamoebins, myrocin B and the basis of antifungal antibiosis in the coprophilous fungus Stilbella erythrocephala (syn. S. fimetaria).
It is concluded that antiamoebins are responsible for antibiosis in dung colonized by S. erythrocephala. Expand
Dissociative proton transfer in cluster ions: clusters of aromatic carboxylic acids with amino acids
Abstract The cluster formation of several aromatic carboxylic acids ferulic acid, vanillic acid, sinapinic acid and 3,4-dihydroxy-benzoic acid was investigated by means of laser desorption into aExpand
The Application of Resonant Multiphoton Ionization by Sub-picosecond Laser Pulses for Analytical Laser Mass Spectrometry
Resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) offers a number of advantageous features for the analysis of complex mixtures, e.g. the ability to ionize preselected compounds and to control theExpand
Formation, stability and fragmentation of biomolecular clusters in a supersonic jet investigated with nano- and femtosecond laser pulses
Gas phase reactions have often been discussed to play a role in the MALDI ionisation mechanism. Therefore the cluster formation of several typical MALDI matrix substances like ferulic acid (=Expand
Dimethyldioxirane epoxidation of 6,6-disubstituted fulvenes.
Abstract The endocyclic bis-epoxides of various pentafulvenes were readily prepared by epoxidation with excess dimethyldioxirane; stoichiometric epoxidation yielded mixtures of the bis-epoxides andExpand
Letter: Reactions in Molecular Clusters: Proton Transfer to Small Amino Acids
In this paper, intermolecular proton transfer within heterogeneous molecular clusters of amino acids is reported for the first time. These proton transfers were observed in mass spectrometricExpand
Formation and reactions of cluster ions from aromatic carboxylic acids together with amino acids
The cluster formation of several aromatic carboxylic acids, ferulic acid, vanillic acid, sinapinic acid, and 3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid was investigated by means of laser desorption into a supersonicExpand
Antiamoebins , myrocinBandthebasisofantifungalantibiosis in the coprophilousfungusStilbella erythrocephala ( syn . S . ¢ metaria )
Antiamoebins I, III and XVI as well as several others in minor amounts were produced by four strains of the coprophilous fungus Stilbella erythrocephala (syn. S. fimetaria) in its natural substrateExpand