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Ecology of sandy shores
1. Introduction. 2. The Physical Environment. Sand. Porosity and permeability. Penetrability. Waves. Types of waves. Wave energy. Refraction. Shoaling and breaking. Wave-driven longshore currents andExpand
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Threats to sandy beach ecosystems: A review
Abstract We provide a brief synopsis of the unique physical and ecological attributes of sandy beach ecosystems and review the main anthropogenic pressures acting on the world's single largest typeExpand
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Patterns, processes and regulatory mechanisms in sandy beach macrofauna: a multi-scale analysis
Physical and biological factors govern com- munity and population features of sandy beach macro- fauna. At the macroscale, species richness decreases from tropical to temperate beaches, and fromExpand
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Dissipative Beaches and Macrofauna Communities on Exposed Intertidal Sands
This study was undertaken primarily to test the hypotheses that (I) the intertidal fauna of exposed sandy beaches occupy four distinct zones and (2) that dissipative (flat) beaches support faunas ofExpand
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Sandy beach ecosystems: key features, sampling issues, management challenges and climate change impacts
Escalating pressures caused by the combined effects of population growth, demographic shifts, economic development and global climate change pose unprecedented threats to sandy beach ecosystemsExpand
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Global Patterns in Sandy Beach Macrobenthic Communities
Abstract The data from 161 quantitative sandy beach transect surveys from a wide variety of locations were examined to identify trends and relationships between total marine macrofauna speciesExpand
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Sandy beaches at the brink
Sandy beaches line most of the world’s oceans and are highly valued by society: more people use sandy beaches than any other type of shore. While the economic and social values of beaches areExpand
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Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
Open-ocean sandy beaches are coastal ecosystems with growing relevance in the face of global change. They provide key ecosystem services, such as storm buffering, nutrient cycling, waterExpand
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Permeable marine sediments: Overturning an old paradigm
Sandy sediments, which cover about 70% of continental shelves and most beaches, are often thought of as geochemical deserts that harbor no life because they are usually poor in organic matter andExpand
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Zonation on sandy beaches
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