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Anti-HIV agents 45(1) and antitumor agents 205.(2) two new sesquiterpenes, leitneridanins A and B, and the cytotoxic and anti-HIV principles from Leitneria floridana.
In vitro biological evaluation showed that 5 is a potent anti-HIV agent and that 3-6 suppressed the growth of a panel of human tumor cell lines (KB, A-549, HCT-8, CAKI-1, MCF-7, and SK-MEL-2). Expand
X-Ray crystal structure of rocaglamide, a novel antileulemic 1H-cyclopenta[b]benzofuran from Aglaia elliptifolia
The structures and relative stereochemistries of recaglamide, a novel antileukemic 1H-cyclopenta[b]benzofuran isolated from Aglaia elliptifolia, and dehydrorocaglamide, derived from rocaglamide, haveExpand
Crotepoxide, a novel cyclohexane diepoxide tumor inhibitor from Croton macrostachys.
Chemokine receptor CCR-5 inhibitors produced by Chaetomium globosum.
Two novel chemokine receptor CCR-5 inhibitors were isolated from the fungal fermentation broth of Chaetomium globosum by normal- and reversed-phase HPLC purifications and the structure and relative configuration of 2 were determined unequivocally by X-ray crystallographic analysis. Expand
New cembranolide analogues from the formosan soft coral Sinularia flexibilis and their cytotoxicity
Using a bioactivity-guided fractionation procedure, five cembranolides, including 1a, 3d, 3e, and 3f are new cem branolide analogues, derived from compounds 1 and 3, respectively were deduced on the basis of physical and chemical evidence. Expand
The cytotoxic principles of Hyptis capitata and the structures of the new triterpenes hyptatic acid-A and -B☆
Abstract Bioassay-directed fractionation of a methanolic extract of Hyptis capitata has led to the isolation and characterization of five triterpene acids which include the new hyptatic acids -A andExpand