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Textual Analysis: A Beginner's Guide
This book provides an indispensable basic introduction to textual analysis. McKee starts from the most basic philosophical foundations that underlie the practice and explains why texts are important
The objectification of women in mainstream pornographic videos in Australia
  • A. McKee
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex research
  • 1 November 2005
Using twelve measures of objectification, the degree to which women are objectified in mainstream pornographic videos in Australia is measured and one shows women being more objectified than men.
Textual Analysis
  • A. McKee
  • Physics
    As You Like It
  • 16 July 2020
The starting point for our study consisted of two different kinds of analysis of 51 texts authored by 45 astronauts and cosmonauts either during their space travel (n= 17) -available at
The Public Sphere: An Introduction
What is happening to public debate in Western cultures? Is our public sphere disintegrating? In the face of popular tabloid newspapers, new forms of reality television and an increasing lack of
A Beginner's Guide to Textual Analysis
Preparing the chapter on 'Textual Analysis' for the upcoming third edition of Stuart Cunningham and Graeme Turner's The Media in Australia, it struck me that we have a very odd lacuna at the heart of
The Porn Report
In the first comprehensive examination of the production and consumption of pornography in Australia, Alan McKee, Kath Albury and Catharine Lumby present a wide-ranging view of the adult-content
A Profile of Pornography Users in Australia: Findings From the Second Australian Study of Health and Relationships
Looking at pornographic material appears to be reasonably common in Australia, with adverse effects reported by a small minority, and the extent to which reporting an “addiction” to pornography is associated with reported bad effects is identified.
Images of gay men in the media and the development of self esteem
This paper addresses the role played by the media in the formation of social identity and self-esteem in young gay men. Semi-structured, open-ended interviews were conducted with a small number of
The positive and negative effects of pornography as attributed by consumers
In public debates about the effects of pornography on individual consumers, and on society more generally, the main voices heard are those of church leaders, politicians, and opinion columnists. In
Healthy Sexual Development: A Multidisciplinary Framework for Research
ABSTRACT A group of Australian researchers from a range of disciplines involved in studying children's sexual development developed a framework for researching healthy sexual development that was