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StegFS: A Steganographic File System for Linux
Cryptographic file systems provide little protection against legal or illegal instruments that force the owner of data to release decryption keys for stored data once the presence of encrypted data on an inspected computer. Expand
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Implications of security mechanisms on performance enhancing proxies
Wireless networks are interesting from a security perspective because of the risk of eavesdropping and modification (notwithstanding that communication security may be important in any event). TheyExpand
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Security across Disparate Management Domains in MANETs
Creating a division between inter-domain and intradomain routing is expected to assist in meeting the challenges of future MANET deployments in terms of heterogeneity and administrative separation.Expand
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Security Across Disparate Management Domains in Coalition MANETs
Designing a coalition network for chaotic environments (e.g., responding to a large catastrophe) is challenging because such systems cannot rely on availability of a fixed communication or a securityExpand
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Identity crisis: on the problem of namespace design for ID-PKC and MANETs
In this paper, we explore the interface between identity-based public key cryptography (ID-PKC) and mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Expand